Glue Board for Mice & Rats (Large size)

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Product Detailedness

Super Sticky Rodent Trapper Glue Board
No poison, No smell, No Pollution
Product Features:
*Safety and No-pollution-No smell and poison.
*Super Sticky-Effective temperature between 5
-50, super sticky and effectiveness.
*Sanitation and No Pollution-Discard the glue board with seal rubbish bag. Effectively against rodent, cockroaches, flies, bugs and centipede etc.
*Environmental Design-High quality fiber wooden board and no pollution to environment.
Method of Use:
*Open the trapper glue board and make the glue on top. Place trapper glue boards in areas where rodents will most likely cross over them as they move from hiding places to feeding

areas. To increase effectiveness, trapper glue board can be place in various locations.
*The stickiness will be decrease if there is water or oil on the rodent’s leg. The trapper glue board can be place on paper or newspaper to enhance effectiveness.
*When placing Glue Boards on sites such as ledges, pipes, poles, etc., secure by wiring in place so a trapped rodent cannot move the glue board, making them difficult to recover.
*Discard the glue board with seal rubbish bag.
Placement of Traps:
*Best locations are along walls, runways, gnawed openings and near burrows where rodents are most likely to travel.
*Change the location if no rodent is trapped every one week.
*Avoid using glue boards in wet areas. Do not place glue boards where there is a possibility of birds or non-target animals coming in contact with adhesive.
*This product is available in household, food workshop, warehouse, restaurant, market and garden etc where rodents are most likely to visit.
*If accidentally contacted, remove with mineral spirits followed with washing with warm water and mild detergent.
*Protect in dusty areas by leaning boards against wall and place trapper glue boards between board and wall.
*To avoid accessible of children, place the trapper glue board at night and collect back in the morning.
Active Ingredient:
*Super Sticky Glue
*Material: Fiber wooden board
*Size: 30(L)*25(W)cm
± 0.5cm
*Preservation: 5 Years (Effective temperature 5

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